Making bread has been my personal practice, and sharing it with others has taught me the joy of community. My move to Portland, Oregon in 2010 gradually turned me into a pizza obsessive, which lent some fascinating lessons: the bake quality from different types of ovens, how to source good ingredients, and the importance of crust. Crust is bread, and the more I got into pizza, the more I learned about long, natural fermentation and a variety of grains, each with its own distinct qualities. I wanted to share these discoveries, so I started a bread CSA at Handsome Pizza & Seastar Bakery.

Starter Bread is a continuation of that trajectory. I bake out of my home kitchen, which has been inspected and licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. I believe in the subscription model as an effective way to take the waste out of food production. My goal has always been to make bread that is real sustenance, made from organic, whole grains and ingredients that have really cool stories. Community Supported Bread creates a gateway to ingredients that exist only because of good farmers, millers, and purveyors in the Pacific Northwest. Let’s celebrate Oregon’s ability to grow some of the best grain in the world.

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Matt Kedzie